88 Kit

88 kit
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Our Race Head has been updated for even more performance! It now has 25/22mm valves with better porting/flow. We also kept the combustion chamber the same size and changed the angle of the valves slightly. This will really wake up your stock engine and is comparable in power to the much larger Chinese 124cc engines!!! Includes the following: Lightweight aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve. Over sized cooling fins on cylinder for efficient heat dissipation, 52mm high compression piston with rings, pin, and clips, head gasket kit. High performance race camshaft Race Head – Larger valves (now 25/22mm) and better flow for increased performance. Also has bigger cooling fins. Includes all necessary parts and comes assembled! Includes: 20mm carb, intake kit, gaskets, 17 tooth front sprocket, 420 chain, camshaft sprocket, and an angled dual layer foam air filter. This kit will give you higher top end speed!
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Price $400.00